message series

One of Pastor Mike's deep convictions is that the Bible is a helpful tool for daily living. It is equivalent to a GPS instrument: the Bible provides a person with directions for arriving at one's destination successfully.  

  • first place living

    a series through the book of Colossians

    May - July 2017

    This is a series that provides instruction for how to make Jesus "first place" in our lives.


    A Series Through the Gospel of John

    MARCH-APRIL 2017

    This is a series which focuses on the last week of Jesus' life; as showcased in the Gospel of John.

  • givers

    a series on generosity

    January 2017

    In this sermon series, Pastor Mike unpacks five specific arenas in which God invites us to practice generosity.  God is a Giver and He invites us to be like Him.  The happiest people in life are the givers; NOT the takers.

  • finish line living

    A Series Through the Book of 2 Timothy

    October - December 2016

    A Leadership-Mentoring Series: Winning the race of life is not just about "competing and running" the race.  Winning the race of life involves "passing the baton" effectively to another person.

  • you gotta move to improve

    A Series introducing various Bible Characters

    July - September 201

    You can't get to where God wants you to be without unless you have a willingness to stretch and grow.  You've got to move to improve. 

  • The fruitful life

    a series based upon John 15

    April - June 2016

    God wants us to live a fruitful life. Is your "soil" seeded with the right ingredients?

  • who is jesus?

    a series through the gospel of john

    December 2015 - march 2016

    A walk through the book of John to discover the qualities of Jesus

  • Take the High Road Series

    a series through matthew 5

    October - November 2015

    An Audio sermon series from 2015

  • overcoming the Devil's schemes

    a series through the book of ephesians

    august - October 2

    An Audio Sermon series from 2015.

  • how to worship God

    June - July 2015

    An Audio Sermon series from 2015